Design your own wetsuit

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There are 4 stages in the process of ordering an assembled wetsuit:

1st stage:
Choosing the type and thickness of your wetsuit.
Every wetsuit has its uniqueness. A diver should choose a wetsuit according to his special needs and personal comfort. There is no wetsuit that is suitable for everyone or considered to be the best.
The main differences between the types of wetsuits that we offer are:
A. 2-pieces wetsuit - a jacket (upper part) and long john (lower part).
There is a jacket with a zipper or without a zipper (closure is with "tail"). During the summer or while diving in warm water a diver can use only one piece of the 2-pieces wetsuit.
B. Overall - one piece wetsuit.
A zipper is in the front or at the back of the wetsuit. If the zipper is in the front of the wetsuit so the wetsuit can include a hood. If the zipper is at the back so the wetsuit is without a hood.

2nd stage:
Choosing the colors of your wetsuit.
It is possible to choose one or two colors.

3rd stage:
Choosing additions to your wetsuit.
At this stage you can add or replace zippers, pockets, hood and kneepads. It is possible to add a hood to a wetsuit or remove a hood from a wetsuit.

4th stage:
Choosing the size of your wetsuit.
You can choose a wetsuit with a standard size (click for sizes charts) or a special custom-made wetsuit (click for ordering a wetsuit by your exact sizes).


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